Susan Blackmon


Particles and Matter

From moment to moment an unlimited number of minutiae; atoms/particles, strands, strings, cells are generating and lacing together the thread of life, aided by a vast range of temperatures. Within the scope of this dynamic synthesis of energy, colliding, morphing, undulating bits hum, combine, co-operate. I simplify the smallest sub-section of this activity into a concentration of various imagined shapes to be represented in paint; articulating colorful and imitative movement and randomness of form that infer these dynamics.

"The paintings in the Energy and Matter series remind my of a visual depiction of music in motion - specifically jazz music. The lines remind me of musical staves in constant motion with each other - dancing, laughing and talking. They’re enjoying each others space but not intruding, and are in consonance with each other. The colors are bright and loud but not in an intrusive or obstructing way. They are active and lively while at the same time feel kind and collected. I see 2 dancers dancing on the musical staves, their dresses flowing and free without a care in the world. Finally I see musical notes in red and black setting the stage for the whole occasion. They are at the forefront and important but not overbearing. Also, At times, the black shapes remind me of people enjoying the music at a jazz club. "
MT, owner of commission

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