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Commentary by Ann Landi, #annlandi33 Instagram, 8/9/2017, regarding collage, 2017

“Susan Blackmon’s Teepee (2017) –‘If I am between series, she says, I’ll utilize what I find lying around the studio as elements for collaging onto half-completed pieces, and see what conjures up.’ I would call that very smart recycling.”


 "Susan Blackmon's paintings have been described as acutely tuned, lyrical, spare, eloquent, at once abstract and figurative. Her intuitively executed line forms - originating as quick App sketches made without intentional outcomes, non-representational shapes that she refers to as Paranons - are championed onto surfaces of layered colors or fused as low-relief shapes behind pours of oil paint. The paintings are characterized as strongly contemplative, even whimsical and imbue an intriguing sense of immediacy, some more rhythmic or abstracted than others." Quinlan Visual Arts Center: 514 Green Street, N.E., 30501,,

"Representing the best in Georgia art, works are available for MOCA GALA Art Auction 2016 from each of the following artists":, / Participating artists list.


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"Artist Spotlight Series", from The English Room, written by Holly Phillips

I am thrilled to have been introduced to the stunning work of Susan Blackmon by Steve McKenzie a few weeks back. I am moved by her use of bold color and simple abstract forms. Enjoy my latest Artist Spotlight Series featuring Susan Blackmon Atlanta, Georgia -

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ART+DESIGN (Arts ) Review: Georgia artists, chosen by Georgia artists, display their chops in knockout MOCA GA show. You can view it at:

"Across the gallery, the expressive and sometimes surprising exploitation of materials captures the conversation. Elizabeth Sheppell’s “Fat Series No. 24, 30, 20, 23, 31” makes the viewer emphatically aware of the manipulation of thick, “fat” layers of acrylic paint that disguise the flat square panel support. In contrast, Susan Blackmon’s “The Slide” thinly veils its patched canvas surface with dripped acrylic fields of pale blue over black and arresting cadmium red." - See more at:

"Georgia Made art to Share Spotlight With Girl This Summer", by Howard Pousner, AJC, June 19, 2013.

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